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Angle Pattern Globe Valve

1.Size: 8inch
2.Pressure: 300LB
3.Material: WCB
4.Connection: RF
5.Operation: Gear

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Angle Pattern Globe Valve, Carbon steel Angle Type Globe stop valve, Angle Globe Valve.

The angle isolation valve is the upgraded type of the ordinary control valve. The fixed valve seat and the removable valve disc compose the throttle device. Through the adjustment on the location of the valve disc, flow regulation can be realized. This product is specifically designed for serve service in alumina and mining applications where scale and erosion are present.


1.Size: 8inch

2.Pressure: 300LB

3.Material: WCB

4.Connection: RF 

5.Operation: Gear 


1.The flow guide device is installed on the flange connection needle control valve

2.There is a connecting plated designed for needle control valve to protect the valve stem and valve disc from being eroded.

3.The detachable valve seat makes for easy maintenance of the liquid control valve for chemical industry.

4.To withstand the erosion of the medium flowing at high speed, the control valve for power station is provided with overlay hard alloy seat.

Product Name:

high temperature high pressure globe valve for power plant


2inch to 16inch(DN50 to DN400)

Pressure rating

150LB to 900LB (PN16 to PN40)



End connection:


Operation type

Handwheel, Gear, Electric actuactor, pneumatic actuactor

Face to Face:

AMSE B16.10

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