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Swing Check Valve with Cylinder

Size: 20inch(DN500)
Pressure: 300LB(PN25)
Material: WCB
Connection: BW End
Operation: pneumatic actuator

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Swing Check Valve with Cylinder, swing check valve with counter weight and cylinder, swing check valve with damp device used in non-corrosive media such as water suction system of power plant or thermal power plant, or other system, to prevent sudden reduction of pressure in steam turbine when steam turbine load is applied, steam in the extraction pipe and each heater reverse flow into steam turbine Causes the steam turbine to shatter and destroy the turbine generator. It will prevent the leakage of the heater system piping and close the water from the extraction steam. When the feed water heater is at a high water level, the pneumatic device components will be connected to the liquid. After counter-current signals, the turbines are quickly separated to provide maximum protection to the turbine or the pumping system.

Swing check valve with pneumatic actuator and pipe


Size: 20inch(DN500)

Pressure: 300LB(PN25)

Material: WCB

Connection: BW End

Operation: pneumatic actuator


1.Design, manufacture, and acceptance standards are ANSI B16.34, E101, or JB/T3595, and strength and sealing performance fully meets the requirements of the standard.

2.Vacuum test under vacuum condition, the whole life meets user requirements;

3.For different temperatures, the main material is carbon steel or high-temperature steel, and the sealing surface is surfacing hard alloy;

4.The valve flap is designed to be connected with the valve rod through the rocker and can be aligned with the sealing surface of the valve to ensure that the sealing surface is consistent;

5.The valve seat sealing surface is inclined at a certain angle to reduce the closing time, reduce the impact, and protect the safety of the equipment itself and the pipeline;

6.The valve is equipped with a damping weight, which can balance the dynamic torque of the closing part to prevent the occurrence of hammer.

7.The body cavity of the valve adopts a streamlined design, which has large circulation capacity and reduces valve resistance.

8.The actuator is a spring-return type cylinder or hydraulic cylinder, and is relatively independent of the action of the valve closing part. The failure of the actuator does not affect the action of the closing part;

9.The cylinder or the inner wall of the hydraulic cylinder is coated with a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant layer, which can increase the life span, reduce the resistance of the movement, and make the valve flexible and reliable;

10.The closing part is opened with a limit mechanism to avoid damage caused by opening over position;

11.The actuator is equipped with the valve switch position signal output, valve open position local indication;

12.Targeted design can also be based on specific user requirements.

Product Name:

Swing Check Valve with Cylinder


2inch to 48inch(DN50 to DN1200)

Pressure rating

150LB to 900LB (PN16 to PN160)


A216 WCB、WCC; A217 WC6、WC9、C5、C12、C12A、CA15; A351 CF8、CF8M、CF3、CF3M,etc.

End connection:


Operation type

spring-return type cylinder

Design Standards:

ASME B16.34

Face to Face:

ASME B16.10

Test standard:


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