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Several Major Points Of Valve Installation

- Jul 12, 2018 -

For example, cut-off valve manufacturers of the cut-off valve, throttle valve, valve, check valve, and so on, if the reverse, will affect the use of the effect and life expectancy, or not at all, or even cause danger. General valve, on the valve body has directional signs. If not, should be based on valve working principle, correct identification. Cut-off valve cavity around the wrong, fluid to let it from the bottom through the valve, so the fluid resistance is small (by the shape of the decision), open labor, closed media pressure filler, easy to overhaul, this is the cut-off valve why not ann the truth.

Other valves also have their own characteristics. Cut-off valve manufacturers of the cut-off valve installation location, must be easy to operate even if the installation of temporary difficulties, but also for the operator's long-term work for the sake of. The best valve handwheel and chest Chinzi (general from the operation floor 1.2 meters), in this way, opening and closing valves are more jingxiang. Landing valve handwheel to face up, do not tilt to avoid awkward operation. Depending on the equipment of the wall machine valve, but also to leave the operator standing room. To avoid the operation of the Yang, especially acid-base, toxic media, etc., otherwise very unsafe. The gate does not flip (that is, handwheel downward), otherwise it will keep the medium for a long time in the cover space, easy to corrode stem, and for some technical requirements are taboo.