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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ceramic Valve In Use

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Ceramic valve belongs to the control valve series, the main role is to adjust the pressure, flow, temperature and so on parameters, is the final control element in the process loop. For the control valve, the most critical parts are the spool and the valve seat.

And these two parts contact directly with the material, the working conditions such as temperature, pressure, corrosion and pollution are more serious than other parts, valve core, valve seat around the corrosion of the media is more serious; spool, valve seat by the medium of solder slag, rust, slag and other scratches to create scars, valve seat and body seal will be damaged. Although the ceramic valve has good wear resistance, erosion resistance, but the adjustment process, such as the presence of larger solids in the valve core, in the actuator's thrust is very easy to make the ceramic spool broken. Ceramic valve Every time the cause of damage, is basically due to the limestone slurry in the large particles or stones through the ceramic ball valve core incision edge, due to the role of the valve stem twisting external forces are destroyed, the destruction of the site has both the ball core and the valve stem connection, but also has a ball core body of the incision. Corundum Ceramic Spool Although the wear resistance is very good, but the toughness is not good, as the main parts of the valve, the material toughness difference is the weak point of the valve.