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Valve With Controlling Actuator Are Widely Used In Power Plant

- Mar 11, 2019 -

A single power plant uses lots of valves to control  every step of its operation. Meanwhile,  valves with a controlling actuator, are widely used for pollution control, feed water, cooling water, chemical treatment, bottom ash and steam turbine control systems.

These valves are work in harsh environments and are exposed to a variety of chemicals, abrasive materials and high temperature. They are critical in optimizing efficiency, and also the final control element in the operation of a power plant.

Continous development in conventional gas and coal-fired power plants, additional demands are being placed on valves and actuators as power plants are forced to be more flexible to accommodate the growth of intermittent sources of renewable power and mandates to curb carbon emissions. That's way, valves and actuators must meet to the needs at higher pressures, temperatures and frequency.

Power plants are complex because there are many different sub-system required to deliver electricity. These plants were an early adopter of distributed control systems to monitor and control the facilities. Due to the arduous nature of the environment, certain practices were adopted to allow for reliability and maintenance. Motor operated valves in particular are key to plant performance.   

20Years ago, these electric actuactors mainly were alerted after the fact . Nowaday  there has been a major change in  the motor operated valves. The electric actuators are  monitoring the systems and providing data ahead of potential failures in the equipment.

Our electric actuator gate valve on site:


The most recent electric actuator has at least two features. The newest feature is to have a monitoring set point above the baseline torque and below the over torque setting to alert the plant operator that there is an impending issue that needs to be addressed.