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The characteristics of gate valve

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Light weight: The body is made of high-grade ductile iron, with weight less than the traditional gate valve weight reduction about 20%~30%, easy installation and maintenance.

Flat-bottom Gate: The traditional gate valve often after the water washing pipe is due to external objects such as stone, wood, cement, iron filings, sundries and other deposits in the bottom groove, easy to cause can not close and the formation of leakage phenomenon, elastic block gate valve bottom with the water pipe machine with the flat bottom design, not easily caused by debris deposition, so that the flow unimpeded.

Overall package: The gate board uses the high quality rubber to carry on the whole, the outsourcing glue, the European first-class rubber vulcanization technology causes the vulcanization gate plate to be able to guarantee the accurate geometrical size, and the rubber and the ball ink casts the gate to be dependable, is not easy to fall off and the elasticity memory is good. Cast valve body: The valve body adopts precision casting, precise geometrical size makes the valve sealing without any finishing inside the body.