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Lined Diaphragm Valve Flange End

Lined Diaphragm Valve Flange End

Diaphragm Valve are used on shut-on and throttling service for vacuum gas, liquid and slurries

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Lined Diaphragm Valve Flange end

Diaphragm Valve are used on shut-off and throttling service. There are two types of diaphragm valves.

Weir diaphragm Valve is used for either off/on or throttling service

Straight way diaphragm valve is only used for off/on service.

Size: 2" to 10"(DN50 to DN250)

Class: 150LB (PN10, PN16)

Material: Carbon Steel 

Lining/Diaphragm: EPDM, Natural Rubber, Viton, PTFE

Temperature range: PTFE:-29 degree to 180 degree

                   NB:-10 degree to 70 degree

Usage Medium: Strong corrosive medium


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